“Transforming” product placements

Transformers3_800I caught the Transformers movie last night; it’s the first time I can recall wishing a movie had an "R" rating instead of "PG-13"…maybe because the previews for "I Am Legend" and the untitled 1/18/08 movie looked pretty good.  Still, it was definitely better than the robots we grew up with.

For a blockbuster summer film like this, I was curious to see what brands had stepped up to be incorporated into the story.  Here’s a quick run-down and my take; if you’ve seen the movie, I’d be interested in hearing what you thought.

GM:  I heard about this first via :30 TV spots and dealership signage.  This is the best and most natural placement for the movie, given that it’s all about cars after all.  The only one that seemed forced was the Pontiac Solstice in a showroom – nice car but kind of underpowered vs. the others.

eBay:  The first couple of times it made sense, but by the 3rd or 4th mention, it was over the top.

– Apple:  I don’t know if this was paid, but there was a clear shot at one point of the hero using a MacBook

Burger King:  The shot of the female lead with her friends at this QSR just didn’t seem right.  Not saying it couldn’t happen, but in LA?  They should’ve been eating at Pinkberry instead.

Mountain Dew:  Machine transforms into Decepticon.  Gratuitous.

Vespa:  The worst placement of the movie.  When all the other motorized stuff transforms into a cool robot, why not the scooter that you paid to place in the movie?

Hoping we can buy a Duff Beer and and pay $5 to catch the Simpsons Movie on JetBlue this summer…