Dr. Strangeblog and a few random things

Toby Bloomberg has posted the story of how I started blogging over at Blogger Stories.  If you’ve ever bothered clicking on the "about" links here, you’ll understand why I’d title mine "Dr. Strangeblog or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the blog."

While on the subject of personal stuff, C.B. Whittemore tagged me weeks ago regarding 8 random things about me.  I’ll put a spin on it and tell you the most non sequitur things I’ve been asked/told:

  1. "Are you a hand model?"  (Several times, by fellow air travelers.)
  2. "Have you ever lived in Texas?"  (Customs agent, YVR airport.)
  3. "The stick is stickability."  (Random guy, Nassau, Bahamas.)
  4. "You should be on radio."  (Cab driver, Philadelphia.)
  5. "Are you from New York?  You talk like it."  AND "Are you from California?  You talk like it."

With that, I’ll tag three people – with a non-random tie back to me: