More on the 3 P’s of personal social publishing

"There will be time / to prepare a face to meet the faces you meet."  – T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, 1917.

"New technologies are enabling a more subtle shift that marketers have yet to recognize and adapt to.  ‘Dissociative identity marketing’ would refer to the relationship a
brand establishes with the various personas of a consumer, from the
blogging persona, to the social network persona or the gaming persona." – Eric Kintz, The Marketing Excellence blog, September 2006.

"Within a decade or so, most of the devices we carry will be location-aware. Any number of location-based services will be in widespread use. And our friends, family and colleagues will increasingly know where we are — and perhaps expect to know it." – Jason Fry, The Wall Street Journal, August 2007.

The 3 P’s of personal social publishing:

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Public

It’s going to take a while for robust identity management tools to develop.  I’d expect to see one from Yahoo!, Google, or Microsoft.

To make things more difficult, additional platforms will emerge that lend themselves to unique experiences:  mobile, vehicle telematics, in-store kiosks.  In the meantime, technology continues to shift culture and society right before our eyes, e.g. privacy fears over E911 tracking for some people are turning into ways to answer "What are you doing?"

This story is just beginning…blogs are about as "dead" as TV advertising – which means not at all, just evolving, morphing, and adapting.