[what’s] inside?

  Delta – Take Care of Yourself 
  Originally uploaded by Pete Kim.

Most focus on branding deals with its attempts to persuade.  However, visiting an unfamiliar place brings another aspect of branding to mind:  trust.

Brands stake a claim based on what they’re made of, especially products.  Through experience – or association – we trust what we can’t see, i.e. it’s made of things that are at minimum, safe for us.  And just in case, we have the FDA, FTC, and others for oversight.

I think the Delta amenity kit made of environmentally-friendly materials is a great idea.  When I looked at the ingredients however, it made me pause.  With all of the products recalled recently – including toothpaste – I wondered whether the contents were safe to use.  (this pic has more ingredient detail)

Companies like Nike and McDonalds have caught a lot of flak for supply practices – but all would be wise to audit their operations for potential weak links.