In the company of smart people

This was a good week to meet people and get exposed to new ideas.

At a client engagement, I met Steve Zades who helps people figure out the future.  He’s founding partner of The Odyssey Network.

At Edelman, I was part of a group brought together by Jonny Bentwood, creator of the Social Media Index.  Max Kalehoff has written a post/column titled "What Is Influence?" that captures part of the discussion.  Henry Copeland pointed out a dissonance in blog advertising and a point about HoJo BrooklynJeff Jarvis was on a Mac and soon to be interviewing Michael Dell.  Steve Rubel was bullish on search, was twittering the least, and caught a lot of grief for using a Mariah Carey example.  Rick Murray was in from Chicago and did a great job of bringing the ideas together.  I also stepped out for a while to discuss Richard Edelman‘s speech at Forrester’s Consumer Forum where I’ll be introducing him and moderating Q&A.  Looking forward to Jonny’s next steps here!

Back in Boston, Compete and Yahoo hosted tastybytes at the Boston Harbor Hotel.  Kathleen Gilroy and Otter Group are doing some interesting things with their podcasting platform.  I almost worked for Zefer back in 2000 and asked Tony Tjan about the most interesting sites on his mind these days – Knovel and Incenticlick.  I had an enlightening conversation with Katie Paine about brand monitoring and she told me about the upcoming IPR Summit on Measurement.

I also got some great information from companies using Twitter for an upcoming research piece and interviews with Y&R and Critical Mass for a Q4 piece on the "agency of the future."

My JetBlue flights between Boston and JFK were both early.  My Chipotle burritos were huge.  I caught a show.  I’d call it a good week to be Peter Kim.