5-year-old bear killer; it’s red again; W+K shows off digital acumen?

Hi everyone who came here looking for posts on Twitter.  Those are further down.

I read this story last night – bizarre.

The bear theme carried through to the graphic from today’s Ad Age Daily (it was a late night).  I decided to create one of my own, you can too.

Which reminded me that W+K posted about different campaign executions for Starbucks, including a link to "the interactive work" i.e. banners and a microsite.

If that’s their best digital shot, seems like a weak cup of joe…maybe Starbucks should ping the agency that did their guerilla work a couple of years ago and get a double-espresso idea instead.  After the highly publicized Running to CP+B deal, I’d think W+K would want to be stronger than this.