Romo and ROMO

You want to succeed in marketing today?  One good word to remember:  romo.

Left-Brain ROMO:  The acronym for Return On Marketing Objectives, as popularized by Marketing Evolution (this the company that identified the momentum effect in social networks).  Integrated marketing may be the top issue on marketers’ minds today, but not without the need for accountability for what’s being spent.

Right-Brain Romo:  As personified by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony.  He’s quickly becoming known for his on-field creativity, the ability to improvise and produce results.  No time left, need to produce results?  No problem.  With all of today’s talk about left-brain marketing, let’s not forget what marketing is better at than any other department.

These ideas work together – knowing what works gives you more room to be creative.  Knowing how to improvise gives you a chance to make the big ideas pay off.