Travel Diary and Dopplr


Travel happens.  Dopplr is open to the public and I activated an account today.  What’s Dopplr?  A social travel site that allows you to share information about being on the road with others in your network.

I set up entries for 2007 as well as trips I’ve scheduled through July 2008.  In retrospect, I hadn’t realized that I’d traveled so much this year: over 40 different cities, but only three I’d never visited (Barcelona, Cleveland, Rio de Janeiro).  7 different countries, 2 new (Brasil, Spain).  New York was the most frequent with 11 trips.  No never-visited cities planned yet for 2008, but looking forward to some I haven’t seen in a long time, like Helsinki and Los Angeles, maybe Istanbul too.

Here’s my listing on Dopplr; we can share trips, if you’re so inclined.