What Is Love, GooTube style

Google Zeitgeist 2007
Over the past year, Google has handled a majority of web searches – over 4 billion queries and about 60% share, according to Nielsen Online panel data.  For people querying the Google for advice, no question was more popular than "what is love."

If those people had searched directly on YouTube, they’d have found answers in music.

And they’re not alone. For example, there are others, foreigners perhaps, that wanna know what love is and they want you to show them.  Others are somewhat timid; they ask what is love and ask that you don’t hurt them.

Answers abound, but not without disagreement.  Love is real.  Only a feeling. Alive. Dead. Color blind. Blue. Orange. Pink.  Here. Gone. A killer. Like oxygen. Heavenly. A bitchslap.

My favorites:  Love is all around.  It’s a battlefield.  It’s all you need.

Happy 2008!  I hope you find all the love you want/need this year, whether eros, philos, agape – or just some geeky link love.