Charlene Li on 60 Minutes re: Facebook

  On the set of 60 Minutes 
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My colleague Charlene Li will be on 60 Minutes discussing Facebook tomorrow (Sunday) night, Jan. 13th at 7 pm ET/PT.  She’s blogged about the experience of being interviewed for the segment and CBS has previewed it as well.

I’ll be watching with curiosity – Facebook has been one of the top, if not THE top social computing story in 2007.  The recent Beacon stumble reminds me of working at Razorfish in 2000 when 60 Minutes did a piece spotlighting founders Jeff Dachis and Craig Kanarick.  A lot of people pointed to that piece as a watershed as the company (and market) crashed. 

I wonder if this piece will be similar in nature and a quote like this may foreshadow how true this piece was before its time:  "I actually think [our ads] make it less commercial."  An ad is an ad.

Ironically, if you read the recap of the 2000 Razorfish piece, these guys are describing Web 2.0 – problem was, it hadn’t yet been invented.

(BTW I’m on Facebook here.)