Grant McCracken was right

I was in New York today and had a chance to peek into the Conde Nast cafeteria.  Why did I do this?  Because I read a post on Grant McCracken’s blog about a year ago about the Frank Gehry-designed space, where he described it like this:

"It’s a slightly anxious place, because a) everyone
looks fabulous, except of course your devoted anthropologist and,
b) they are engaged in the activity that threatens their
fabulousness, eating.  This is a world in which a carrot stick counts as calorie loading."

Your devoted marketing analyst has this to say about the place – confirmed, it’s full of beautiful people.  Last summer I visited the Google cafeteria in Chelsea – full of smart people.  But the corporate New York cafeteria I’m most familiar with is the the ConEd cafeteria, where I spent quite a bit of time a decade ago.  It’s full of…cafeteria food.