At Forrester’s Marketing Forum

I’m at Forrester’s Marketing Forum in Los Angeles today.  And again, I’m up at 4 am local – is this technically jet lag?  I won’t be doing a lot of blogging or tweeting because my schedule’s full.  However, you can get updates from a variety of sources:

Forrester’s Marketing Blog, which has an embedded Meebo chat
Twitter – not just me, but also Jeremiah, Charlene, Josh, Adam, Amy, Rodney, Nick, Michelle, Barbara, Jeremy, and others
– Blogs:  Jeremy Pepper, Rodney Rumford, Jennifer Jones, Marianne Richmond
– Photos on Flickr

If you’re here and see me around, please say hi!  I’ll be doing Q&A this morning after Brian’s keynote speech on engagement, doing intro and Q&A for Emmanuel Brown from Nike Jordan Brand, and running a track session this afternoon with BzzAgent’s Dave Balter and JD Power/Umbria’s Janet Eden-Harris.

And if you’re here…what kind of attendee are you?

If you have a second, please tell me more about yourself.