Day on Martha’s Vineyard, new camera

  Day in Vineyard Haven 
  Originally uploaded by Pete Kim.

I recently picked up a new camera – a Nikon D40.  Bought it at retail, did not receive it as part of the [in]famous blogger outreach program (which was for the super expensive D80 anyway).  Took it down to Martha’s Vineyard to play around a bit today – photos on Flickr.

Speaking of which – who says that advertising doesn’t work?  My existing cameras (Canon PowerShot, iPhone, Nokia N95) are fine, but I deemed myself ready for a digital SLR.  In my world, Nikon has generated brand awareness that crushes its competition.  Off the top of my head, there’s the aforementioned blogger outreach program, the FanFoto photographers at Fenway Park, Picturetown on Flickr, and the flyers that have been in my Sunday newspaper for the past few weeks.  But even more important – word-of-mouth marketing in the amazing shots taken by guys like Josh Hallett and … well, his work pretty much speaks for itself.

I’ve got a lot to learn about photography – hopefully it’s easier than golf.