Does social media marketing matter?

Let’s step outside of the echo chamber for a minute.

Does social media marketing matter?

What I want to know is, how does this stuff impact the bottom line?  As a consumer (and apologies, biased towards the US – with our weak currency, these examples carry less efficacy when everything looks like it’s discounted 30 – 50%),  I’m curious to know if you have ever done any of the following. (Partial credit on examples to Mashable and Jeremiah.)

Add up points as you go:

+3 points:

+2 points:

+1 point:

-2 points for any of the following:

So how’d you score?

  • Over 20:  Congratulations.  You are a bonafide social media activist.  You not only hear about marketing memes, your actions are proof that social media marketing matters.
  • +20 to +11:  Well done.  You are personally in tune with the wisdom of the crowds.  Did I see you on the cover of Here Comes Everybody?
  • +10 to +1:  Hmm…I bet you’ve heard of all these examples, yet have not been influenced.  The force is strong in you.  You must be a social media consultant.
  • Less than zero:  Who are you and how did you end up reading my blog?  Are you reading this post as a printout on a piece of paper?

I think most people will score zero…which is why I asked the initial question.  How did you score?