Rushkoff is in

RushkoffI'm pleased that Doug Rushkoff will be working with my new startup company, that helps enterprises with social technology strategy and implementation.  Doug has been talking for years about why companies need to change.

From a description of Rushkoff's last (12th?) book, Get Back In The Box:

"The age of mass production, mass media, and mass marketing may be over, but so, too, is the alienation it engendered between producers and consumers, managers and employees, executives and shareholders and, worst of all, businesses and their own core values and competencies.

American enterprise, in particular, is at a crossroads. Having for too long replaced innovation with acquisitions, tactics, efficiencies, and ad campaigns, many businesses have dangerously lost touch with the process – and fun – of discovery."

The challenge for organizations and technology today, in Doug's words:

'social' online means more than hiring a company to create a ‘white
label’ version of Facebook for your organization to chat with
customers, employees, shareholders, and others. It means understanding
the real value of creating a 'transparent' company; it means
understanding why sharing and collaborating beat hiding and competing;
it means learning to work with unfamiliar measures of success – like
how many new unsolicited resumes from people looking to join you come
over the transom, instead of just how many 'unnecessary' jobs could be

I'm looking forward to working with Doug and helping companies change the world of work.  If you are interested in learning more about hiring us, or being hired, let me know or drop Jeff Dachis a line.