Upcoming whereabouts…where will you be?

People have asked me if I’m still available to speak, moderate, participate, etc. in meetings, conferences, and strategy sessions.  Of course.  There’s no substitute for connecting in person.  (I’m always intrigued when meeting social media-types in the flesh, as some stay true to their Kerouacian-fireworks cyber-personas while others reveal themselves to be Young MC’s Poindexters).

I’m not traveling as much these days – a good thing – and my personal velocity has dropped from squirrel to chicken.

Here are some of the events I’ve got on my calendar right now.  If you’ll be there too, let’s meet up.

But that’s just me – and I’d like to keep an eye out for events I should be attending.  What events are on your calendar that I (and other readers here) should be considering?

And are any affordable on a startup budget?  (E.g. Le Web looks nice, but it’s just not affordable.  Especially with today’s exchange rates.)

Please comment and link below with your suggestions.