Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Week 4 Results

Courtesy of FantasyTrophies.com.

Week Four of the Social Media Fantasy Football League, or SMFFL, season is complete.

Thanks to Dave at FantasyTrophies.com,the stakes have been raised considerably for the winner.  The league champion will take possession of a hand-made custom trophy, customized just for us.  You need to read about how these things are made.

It looks as though Jeremiah cannot be stopped, at 4-0 just like the real world Buffalo Bills.  Who have never won a Super Bowl and in fact lost four straight from 1991 – 1994, setting a record in futility.

The current standings:

  1. Little Birds (Jeremiah Owyang), 4-0.  Defeated #7, 89-83.
  2. The Viral Gardeners (Mack Collier), 3-0-1. Defeated #12, 105-46.
  3. Hard Knox Life (Dave Knox), 3-1. Defeated #6, 90-80.
  4. The Team With No Name (me), 3-1.  Defeated #8, 68-16.
  5. Purple Pistachios (Laura "Pistachio" Fitton), 2-1-1. Defeated #11, 73-52.
  6. Stillers (Jackie Huba), 2-2. Could be worse. Could be better.
  7. Mosi Tatupu’s Mullet (Adam Cohen), 2-2. 6 points away from beating Mr. Perfect.
  8. The Beasties (Craig Daitch), 2-2. Sets a record for lowest points scored to date.
  9. Mzinga Maurauders (Aaron Strout), 1-3. Defeated #10, 76-61.
  10. Munoz Mustache Club (Dan Cordella), 1-3. Giambi’s ‘stache didn’t help much either.
  11. Favre Beans (Joseph Jaffe), 0-4. Things can only get better. Maybe.
  12. Mustangs (Scott Monty), 0-4. At least you have a partner in perfection.

This marks the 25% completed mark of the real season, week 4 of 14 in the SMFFL.  Next update at the halfway mark after Week 7.  Your trash talk is appreciated, as always.