Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Draft Results

The Social Media Fantasy Football League, or SMFFL, is ready for action.  The draft happened over the weekend and here are the key players on each team:

The featured matchup for Week One is the Favre Beans vs. Stillers, aka Jaffe vs. Huba, or "Battle of the Books."  Do we Join The Conversation or become Citizen Marketers?  Update next week.

On the undercard: 

  • Mosi Tatupu’s Mullet vs. The Viral Gardeners, or "North vs. South"
  • Purple Pistachios vs. The Beasties, or "Beauty vs. The Beast(ies)"
  • Hard Knox Life vs. Little Birds, or "Client vs. Consultant"
  • Mustangs vs. Munoz Mustache Club, or "Client vs. Consultant, The Return"
  • Mzinga Maurauders vs. The Team With No Name, or "North Shore vs. South Shore"

Your trash talk is appreciated, as always.