Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Halfway Home

Week Seven of the Social Media Fantasy Football League (#SMFFL) season is complete, bringing us to the midpoint of the season.

Highlights since our last update:

  • Week Five:  Munoz Mustache Club hung a 110 – 97 victory on the previously unbeaten LittleBirds.
  • Week Six:  The Mustangs eked out a 72 – 70 victory over Purple Pistachios for their first win of the season.
  • Week Seven:  Mzinga Maurauders manager Aaron Strout announces that he's moving his franchise from Boston to Austin.  

Halfway home, P&G's Dave Knox has the leading team.  I am on the verge of making an executive decision requiring him to change his team name, because it keeps making me think of a little orphan in a red dress.

The current standings:

  1. Hard Knox Life (Dave Knox), 6-1.
  2. Little Birds (Jeremiah Owyang), 5-2.
  3. The Team With No Name (me), 5-2.
  4. Stillers (Jackie Huba), 4-3.
  5. The Beasties (Craig Daitch), 4-3.
  6. The Viral Gardeners (Mack Collier), 3-3-1.
  7. Purple Pistachios (Laura "Pistachio" Fitton), 3-3-1.
  8. Mzinga Maurauders (Aaron Strout), 3-4.
  9. Mosi Tatupu's Mullet (Adam Cohen), 3-4.
  10. Munoz Mustache Club (Dan Cordella), 3-4.
  11. Favre Beans (Joseph Jaffe), 1-6.
  12. Mustangs (Scott Monty), 1-6.

This marks the 50% completed mark of the real season, week 4 of 14
in the SMFFL.  Next update at the 75% mark after Week 11.  Your
trash talk is appreciated, as always.