Motrin MANIA!

Lots of controversy this weekend about a commercial from Motrin.  The discussion on Twitter is particularly active and you can take a peek by searching for #motrinmoms.

Here's what I think about it.

Some of the unsolicited advice being offered to Motrin is good and all brands can pick up a pointer or two.  But most of it is just "me too" mantra from individuals trying to look like experts.

Anyone who has managed a brand will tell you that it is impossible to please everyone, all the time.  I've had to help manage some brand controversies in my career.  Family planning activists and primate lovers, in particular.   The world is too diverse for self-interests to not end up colliding.

What are the odds that this one makes it out of the social media echo chamber?  Will a mainstream media outlet bite?

Dads wear babies, too.  And in my experience, Children's Motrin works pretty well.

But here's the strangest thing about the whole Motrin Moms controversy to me:  I thought social media killed the 30 second spot.

I guess not.