Tuesday Morning Quarterback: A Champion Crowned

Congratulations, Craig Daitch!

Craig is the champion in the inaugural season of the Social Media Fantasy Football League (SMFFL).

As such, he gains possession of the league champion hardware from FantasyTrophies.com (pictured at left).

In the championship game, Craig's Beasties defeated Jeremiah's Little Birds, 96 – 83.

Dave Knox's Hard Knox Life takes third place with a 101 – 92 victory over Jackie Huba's Stillers.

Dan Cordella's Munoz Mustache Club secures fifth place with a 90-79 win over Aaron Strout's Mighty Maurauders.

 Adam Cohen and Mosi Tatupu's Mullet take the final bracket and seventh place, 72-71 over Laura "Pistachio" Fitton's Purple Pistachios.

In the SMFFL, winning isn't everything – it's the only thing.  Besides the trophy.  For eleven of us, there's always next year…