Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Let the Playoffs Begin

SmfflThe regular season of the Social Media Fantasy Football League (#SMFFL) season is complete.

Every season begins with hope.  For some teams, like the Mustangs and Favre Beans, bitter reality sets in early.  For others, like the Mighty Maurauders and Munoz Mustache Club, you come so far…just to fall short.

The top four teams advance to the playoffs and have a shot at winning the first ever SMFFL season and the hardware from FantasyTrophies.com (pictured at left).

The final regular season standings:

  1. Little Birds (Jeremiah Owyang), 10-4.
  2. Hard Knox Life (Dave Knox), 9-5.
  3. The Beasties (Craig Daitch), 9-5.
  4. Stillers (Jackie Huba), 8-5-1. 
  5. Mighty Maurauders (Aaron Strout), 8-6.
  6. Munoz Mustache Club (Dan Cordella), 8-6.
  7. Mosi Tatupu's Mullet (Adam Cohen), 7-6-1.
  8. Purple Pistachios (Laura "Pistachio" Fitton), 7-6-1.
  9. The Viral Gardeners (Mack Collier), 6-7-1.  
  10. The Team With No Name (me), 6-8.
  11. Mustangs (Scott Monty), 3-11.
  12. Favre Beans (Joseph Jaffe), 1-13.

The two-round playoffs start this week, with Little Birds vs. Stillers and Hard Knox Life vs. The Beasties.  There is a consolation bracket, with Mighty Maurauders vs. Purple Pistachios and Munoz Mustache Club vs. Mosi Tatupu's Mullet, aka the hair battle we've all been waiting for.

Next update at the end of the playoffs, when a champion will be crowned. Your
trash talk is appreciated, as always.