Austin, Texas – For SXSW visitors

As a frequent business traveler to Austin, I’ve created this map to assist with your visit.


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Click on the icons for more detail.  For example, you can find average cab fares and a cab service phone number on the airport icon.



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  1. Nice. Love the convention center is a volcano. I’ll be down there the 14th to the 18th, at the Hyatt.
    Also love you included the bats. Is the tweetup in there?

  2. The Hyatt is nice – I’ve stayed there a few times. It has a clean and well-lit fitness center and is also an easy walk over the Congress Ave bridge to downtown. Mixed feelings on the breakfast buffet – the servers are always super nice, but it’s definitely hotel prices.

    Tweetup is at Guero’s, which is further down South Congress. It’s a healthy distance from the Hyatt and not a bad walk if the weather is nice. And you’re up for a walk.

  3. I’m just glad to be a lot closer this year. Last year I was at the Doubletree, which is way north. That’s what booking last minute will do. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the sessions and parties. (I’m @stephenriley)

  4. Just like Dan and Elizabeth, it’s my first SXSW as well. I’m so directionally challenged that your map will be a lifesaver – well, at least a timesaver for me. The follow up conversation via comments is packed full of pointers also. Much appreciated, Peter!

  5. You’re my hero. I had my list this weekend to look up food and coffee spots for next week. Done!

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