Most Popular Posts: March 2009

At the end of each month, I've made it a habit to take a look back at analytics for the month and highlight the most viewed content on this blog. In March, the top ten posts were:

  1. A List of Social Media Marketing Examples
  2. Concept: Twitter #taxishare 
  3. Recap on P&G Digital Night 
  4. Social Media Predictions 2009
  5. A framework for measuring social media
  6. Analysis of a wiki of social media marketing examples 
  7. P&G Digital Night – For Tide Loads of Hope 
  9. It's Time to Transform 
  10. Reflections on SXSW '09
I haven't yet had a successful match for a #taxishare…but I'm hopeful.

The P&G Digital Night was a unique experience – doubt that it can be repeated successfully by any other company.  

Here's the graphic version of the wiki analysis.

Speaking of pictures, here's the complete set from our UNLISTED party.

One of the main reasons I write these month-end reflection posts is to provide you with links in case you missed any content as it happened. Blog content can be both highly perishable and easy to miss.

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