Analysis of a wiki of social media marketing examples

I received an email today from Eyal Sela, the author of the productivity and Internet blog ProductiveWise. He is a freelance Internet and social-media project manager.

Eyal took a look at our community’s wiki of social media marketing examples, which is now up to 968 entries.  Here’s what he found…(click on either image for a larger view)

Wiki analysis Wiki analysis

Thanks Eyal!

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  1. Great diagram, Peter. The “Big 4” on the chart (blog, social networking, microblogging & online video) apply directly to what I’m doing re: helping 20-30 year old new/non-cooks feel comfortable making a meal through picture book cooking basics. Good to get a validation that I’m on the right track. Thanks – Bruce

  2. I abandoned my question on this yesterday, but it lingers: what do you think adding the dimension of time to this would look like? I’m trying to get a sense of the extent to which marketing follows the buzz (creates the buzz?) or stays true to unique attributes of specific social technologies, given the purpose of a given SM marketing campaign. Are there more blogs, SN’s, then Microblogging campaigns because of comfort and awareness of those technologies (clearly video breaks the hypothesis…)? This might remind you of the social proof in following people with more followers…

  3. @dan90266 I don’t think this chart says anything about the activity of message boards and forums. It lists social media marketing examples by channel. In other words, this has nothing to do with what people do on the web. It has everything to do with what marketers do on the web.


  4. I’m curious where you believe online forums fit in – in the 26% social media group? I was recently on the site and added a tally of the top 20 forums alone – over 180 million registered users or approx 1 in 70 people on the planet. The top forum, “Gaia Online Anime roleplaying community” has nearly 20 million members. Likewise, unlike many social media sites, their content is publicly viewable. For example, an automotive forum of 40,000 members will typically have 60% of visitors as unregistered users simply pursuing the data.

    Andre Shoumatoff

  5. Thanks for posting this Peter and thanks Eyal for creating the pie graph. That would mean the top four types are the most effective right? The logic would be if people use that often, that means they find it effective.

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