Involuntary advertising exploitation

This sign was on the curb outside the Austin airport.  If someone don’t consent to being exploited in any media ever as stated, how are they supposed to fly home?

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  1. I’ll bet the TSA would frown on anyone walking through the airport with a mask or a bag over his face, too. Man. Can’t get a break. 😉

  2. When I first read that sign, I thought it said you were consenting to have your image exploited in any media known or hereafter devised, including having an action figure made in your likeness. (Why would you NOT agree to that?)

  3. 1. I’m no lawyer but don’t they have to put that clause in BEFORE someone buys a ticket?

    2. Is this for that Southwest show on A&E so they can save production costs by not blurring out every passenger’s face?

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