Most Popular Posts: April 2009

At the end of each month, I've made it a habit to take a look back at analytics for the month and highlight the most viewed content on this blog. In April, the top ten posts were:

  1. A List of Social Media Marketing Examples
  2. Analysis of a wiki of social media marketing examples  
  3. Social Media Predictions 2009  
  4. A framework for measuring social media  
  5. Welcome to David Armano 
  6. Recap on P&G Digital Night  
  7. #w2e #smfail 
  8. Applying game mechanics to social media  
  9. It's Time to Transform  
  10. Input requested: Web 2.0 Expo session
Pretty straightforward lesson here – blog less, less traffic, with a higher percentage of returning visitors.  Older quality content starts to stand out.  Others have experienced and I will concur, Twitter is becoming as (if not more) important than Google in driving site traffic.  

One of the main reasons I write these month-end reflection posts is to provide you with links in case you missed any content as it happened. Blog content can be both highly perishable and easy to miss.

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