With a Little Help from Our Friends

Successful social business design requires focus on people, process, and technology.  Dachis Group helps clients in these areas via implementation and development services.

When considering technology, especially “social” technology, the market is full of point solutions, not platforms.  However, no one-size-fits-all solution exists – there is no “social technology backbone.”  Solutions come from different perspectives, e.g. open source, web-based services, and proprietary on-premise software, offering varying strengths and challenges.

This is why we’ve constructed an alliances program, launching today, to support delivery of social business design.  Our alliance partners represent a wide range of technology offerings and have committed to working closely with us from strategy through operations and maintenance.

Our initial alliance partners include some names you’ve probably heard of:  IBM/Lotus, Telligent, CoTweet. Want some proof of what Dachis Group can do?  Check out the extensive list of projects we’ve delivered.

For more information on the program, read Jevon’s post or send a note to alliances at dachisgroup.com.

Social Business Design is a big idea.  We’ve defined the space – now you should be getting a sense of what it takes to turn theory into reality.  And I’m glad we’ve got some friends in key places to help our clients get there.

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