A look back at 2009

Over the course of last year, I stopped periodically at the end of each month to review the most popular content on this blog. Why? Because blog content is highly perishable and easy to miss.

The most viewed posts I wrote in 2009 were:

  1. It’s Time To Transform
  2. Analysis of a wiki of social media marketing examples
  3. Reflections on Social Business Design
  4. Are you a five-tool employee?
  5. Recap on P&G Digital Night
  6. Aggregate or be aggregated
  7. Concept: Twitter #taxishare
  8. “Google Me” business cards
  9. Why Web 2.0 still matters
  10. FourSquare and Social Business Design

I wrote all of those posts out of a desire to share my thinking with you. This is one way I enjoy giving back to a community-at-large that helps make my work in social business strategy the best of what’s around.

There’s one post from last year though that sticks out in my mind, written from sheer frustration: The plague of plagiarism. I hope this problem gets better in 2010 instead of getting worse.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to engaging in 2010.

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  1. Hi Peter,
    Looking at your list I reread your post It’s time to transform. I couldn’t agree more.
    I believe that a paradigm shift is needed to make our interactions with our social spheres and providers more humanized, intuitive and safe. The key is personal context – but by contexting people and not interactions in siloed sites. I wrote about this new mindset in http://www.icentered.com/icentered#mindset. Context based social spheres have implications on both the individual and business aspects of web life. I elaborate on these paradigm shifts in http://www.icentered.com and hope to start a discussion on that concept

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