Think local, act global

Do you know a lot about social media? If so, I’ve got an idea about how to figure out what’s next – turn today’s cliches around and consider the possibilities.

Think local, act global. To scale initiatives, you’ll need to deliver with 1-1 relevance at a level that has 1-many impact.

Focus on the technologies, not the relationships. Platforms have evolved and making good use of them requires more understanding than ever. Take Facebook for example: segmentation, targeting, analytics, and integration opportunities exist for brands to drive business well beyond the fan pages of old.

Put business goals last. Thinking about maximizing profitability and how much money you’ll squeeze out of your relationships will kill creativity off the bat before any initiative gets started. 

Just some thoughts – what other phrases do you hear repeatedly that may drive insight when viewed in reverse?

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  1. Ignore the conversation. Mining the aggregation of real-time Internet chatter in search of trends and outliers, and using that data to fix problems, is far more valuable than one off exchanges with disgruntled customers.

  2. Let’s make it ordinary sometimes we just want it to work and it doesn’t have to look cool
    this is a finished product – that a tool continually gets updated as a perpetual ‘beta’ doesn’t mean it will be effective in all contexts.

    Interesting to practice thinking this way – thanks for the post

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