Dachis Group welcomes The 2.0 Adoption Council

Susan Scrupski is a thought leader and advisor to leading companies; her name might not be familiar to readers of this blog but she is a kingpin of the Enterprise 2.0 space. Proof to back up this assertion: she has built The 2.0 Adoption Council, a group of over 175 global members from over 100 companies; see the graphic that outlines its members, a who’s who of the business world. These practitioners who have a daily look – for better or worse – into what’s going on with the social business world.

Today we announce our acquisition of The Council and I’m thrilled about the possibilities that will emerge. Susan and Council now have priority access to work with Headshift and Hinchcliffe & Company, in addition to the talent we’ve assembled from firms including Forrester, IDC, Nielsen, and Yankee Group. 

If you work on the client side, I encourage you to consider joining; these are big brands with substantial resources, sharing real-time experiences.

To read more details about this deal, visit the Dachis Group Collaboratory. For more context, read on…

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Early on, in thinking through the “big idea” of social business design, Dachis Group identified three key areas where today’s business environment is transforming: work, society, and technology. Think of these as a Venn diagram; the intersection points of these primary factors create new challenges and opportunities for companies.

The point where all three come together is the keystone of social business. Other supporting themes live around the edges:

Over the past couple of years, more brands have launched social business initiatives, raising both questions and answers. One thing however is certain – there is no substitute for experience. This isn’t a space where you should consider best practices as natural laws – today’s shrewd tactic quickly becomes tomorrow’s faux pas or worse (think product seeding with influentials or launching an internal ideation platform without a strategy). The people on the front lines must keep their work agonizingly fresh.

That’s why The 2.0 Adoption Council matters – and I’m looking forward to working with our members.

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  1. Peter – congrats. I know Susan and can vouch for the fact that she knows her stuff. I’ll be interested to see how you incorporate this into the mix of what the Dachis Group does with/for their clients. Maybe a bit of the Blogwell / Gaspedal model?

  2. It’s important to us that The Council experience only gets better for members. I like what Andy has done with the SMBC and we have a strong set of capabilities on board to help create value for our community members.

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