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There’s an inescapable fact about being a successful consultant: you must possess a great level of empathy regarding the professionals you seek to assist. Understanding the experiences and challenges that come from being accountable for running a business is a must. Even better if you possess that understanding yourself, having worked on the client side.

If you’ve seen the award winning film “The Blind Side” or even better read Michael Lewis’s original book (here’s a free excerpt that pretty much sums up the whole thing), you know about the importance of the left tackle position and how tough it is to find good ones. Finding good client side professionals who can make the switch to consulting successfully is similar. These people don’t just repeat what they did under the corporate umbrella; they successfully leverage personal experience from a monolith and apply it surgically to improve the situations of others.

I’m pleased to tell you about the most recent Dachis Group hires that bring Enterprise 2.0 and social media marketing expertise to the table: David Mastronardi and Peter Fasano.

David Mastronardi joins Dachis Group from Raytheon, where he was a Program Manager and Solution Architect. He was the overall lead for Enterprise 2.0 efforts at Raytheon’s Network Centric Systems business unit and implemented an E2.0 collaborative platform providing social networking, knowledge management, and reuse & innovation capabilities to 200 active users across sixteen communities, and planned rollout to over 10,000 users. Dave has experience with E2.0 solutions including Microsoft Sharepoint, Atlassian Confluence, and Lotus Connections, among others. Prior to Raytheon, Dave was a consultant with EDS. He earned a MS in IT and MBA from Boston University and graduated magna cum laude in business economics from Providence College. David’s woefully neglected blog lives here and he tweets as @vzrjvy.

Peter Fasano joins Dachis Group from The Coca-Cola Company, where he led social media marketing strategy for the Global Interactive Marketing group, supporting diverse brands and geographies. He spearheaded social media competitive intelligence while building an overarching social media marketing framework and supporting intranet resources. Peter has in-depth experience working with and maintains strong relationships with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms, having built, launched, and managed integrated brand campaigns. Prior to Coca-Cola, Peter provided consulting assistance to firms including Turner Broadcasting System, Microsoft, and CBS. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach. Peter speaks more about his decision to join Dachis Group on his blog, mass+logic and he tweets as @pfasano.

Hello, gentlemen and welcome. Our clients are looking forward to working with you.

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