Defining Social CRM

Customer relationship management has been a difficult and expensive concept for many businesses to operationalize into reality. The rise of social media offers new opportunities and challenges, creating new intelligence sources while requiring new tools to manage unstructured information flow.

I’ve adapted two slides from my colleague Dion Hinchcliffe, who has a gift for making complex enterprise architecture simple. You can read his explanation of social CRM in these two articles:

From my perspective, social CRM is way of approaching social business design that starts with customers. Alternate approaches begin by focusing internally or on the value chain.

You can download a couple slides defining social CRM from our Slideshare channel.

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  1. Peter – the thing that I think most enterprises will struggle with is that the implied fluidity of not just the business design process but actually the “design”. It won’t be a static single solution; it has to be able to change and adapt.

    Do you build that flexibility into your design process?

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