Webcast: Your Customers Are Everywhere. Are You?

I’m hosting a webcast next week with the newly merged Scout Labs and Lithium Technologies. The deal is a great step forward to create a strong Social CRM offering – you can read more from Scout Labs CEO Jennifer Zeszut and Lithium CEO Lyle Fong. Ray Wang of Altimeter Group has also published a solid analysis of the deal.

I’ll be thinking more about the space with my colleague Kate Niederhoffer; in the meantime, you can register for next week’s webinar using the details below:

Title: Your Customers Are Everywhere. Are You? How engaging and analyzing your customer network can increase revenue and reduce costs.

Timing: Wednesday, May 19th at 1:00 PM PDT / 4:00 PM EDT / 9:00 PM BST (i.e. London, where I’ll be)

To register, click this link


People are talking everywhere! Companies are learning how to keep up with their social customers. Your ability to understand and participate in these conversations is becoming increasingly critical to your business.

This 60-minute webcast will highlight emerging Social CRM trends to:

  • Promote brand awareness by engaging key influencers on the Social Web and allowing your customer advocates to help amplify important messages
  • Drive sales by bringing the right information to customers at the right point in the buying cycle
  • Support your customers proactively — wherever they are


  • Peter Kim, Managing Director, North America at Dachis Group, who will share his recent observations on social media trends and the market factors driving businesses’ need for expanded customer intelligence over the Social Web.
  • Margaret Francis, VP of Product at Scout Labs will discuss how companies can use social media analytics to learn, listen and engage with customers across the social web.
  • In addition, Lyle Fong, CEO at Lithium Technologies, and Phil Soffer, VP of Product Marketing at Lithium Technologies, will shed additional light on the recent merger between Scout Labs and Lithium Technologies, the first in the market to recognize the emerging need of enterprise companies to recognize and engage with customers wherever they are, across technical and organizational silos.

Thanks for your consideration in joining the conversation next week. If you have any burning ideas now and/or can’t make it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on relevant issues in the comments below.

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