SXSWi 2011: Collaboration at Work

We’re spending more and more time using social tools for personal entertainment and productivity. So what about work?

Dachis Group’s head of partnerships Bryan Menell has proposed a panel for South by Southwest 2011, titled Work Should Be Social Too. Bryan works with our technology partners and a fundamental element of social business design is the belief that communication should happen as work, not for work.

Here’s what Bryan will cover: Collaborating with friends is easy with today’s public social tools. They require no training, and make the fun things in your life seamless to organize. So why is it more difficult at work? Join us for a panel consisting of executives from some of the leading collaborative tool companies, as we discuss some real corporate case studies, and the social barriers to sharing at work.

His panel will address these questions, answered by the experts:

  1. What is the business case for being more social?
  2. What other businesses have seen benefits from enterprise social tools?
  3. What social technologies have crossed over from consumer to the enterprise?
  4. How can you pitch your superiors on embracing social tools?
  5. What are the people issues surrounding social adoption at work?

If that sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to give a thumbs up to Work Should Be Social Too.


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