got social strategy?

I’ve been forwarded some links over the past few weeks linking to surveys reporting that somewhere between 50 – 70% of responding companies have a social strategy.

My take: so what?

Without a strategy – regardless of whether you’re in the majority or minority – a business will be placed at a competitive disadvantage, by definition and default. Moreover, every social strategy needs a solid corresponding activation plan; after all, strategy comes before tactics.

A social business strategy should cover the use of social media externally, collaboration internally, and partner relationships in between. Organizations in turn must have proper structure and culture in place to make efforts worthwhile.

Not everyone can or should “own” a company’s strategy, but every business should have one. But that’s one of many nuanced questions that one must address within a social strategy – and a discussion for another post.


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  1. Peter,

    I’m kind of surprised by this “50-70% of responding companies” number. In my experience, feels kind of high. What’s your opinion? Do you really think they have a purposeful, disciplined and ongoing social strategy, as opposed to employing social channels to boost “engagement” around isolated efforts/campaigns?

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