Tuning up

I’ve been posting infrequently for most of the year, due to a number of factors. Among these was relocating to Austin. The upside of moving is that I’ve taken the opportunity to get rid of some old things, pick up some new things, and rediscover some past memories.

A violin that I last played about 25 years ago has made it out of the basement and into the house. (Maybe because houses in Texas usually don’t have basements.) I’m no virtuoso, but I can remember the process of learning how to play, which involved learning notes and how to use the instrument. Getting the violin in tune meant using the big pegs to change pitch a lot and sometimes the small ones to change it a little. If the instrument had been sitting unused for a while, it was always further out of tune. But when played every day, minor adjustments kept everything in range.

I’ll be tuning things up here on the blog and getting ready to play again more frequently in the near future. But I must warn you – the instrument may be the same, but the environment has changed. The social media game is much different than when I started blogging almost five years ago and I’ve been thinking a lot about how these changes have manifested and why. More to follow.


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