Archrival, now a close friend

Dachis Group has acquired Lincoln, Nebraska-based Archrival.

The firm founded by Clint! Runge and Charles Hull has its roots in youth branding, which led to deep proficiency in youth-related platforms. Archrival was one of the first 14 Facebook Preferred Developers and has strong skills in mobile and digital as well. Their office space looks pretty awesome, too.

We’re excited to have the good people of Archrival join Dachis Group as close friends. Following on the recent acquisition of Stuzo, we can deliver Facebook solutions from strategy through implementation of Pages, Applications, and Connect integration. Don’t think companies need a Facebook strategy? Seems unwise to pass up an opportunity involving over 500 million active users, don’t you think?

Dachis Group is now has over 150 social business professionals in nine cities / five countries / three continents. Some of the things we’ve been working on lately are social business strategy and organization, social servicing, competitive analysis, and listening process. If you want to discuss how we can help with what you’re working on, get in touch by email via inquiries at dachisgroup dot com or call +1 512 275 7825.

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