Web 2.0 wisdom

I’m working on something and collecting brief thoughts on how to succeed with social media. Cliche or not, can you help by adding catch phrases related to these?

  • Fail fast
  • Customers are in control
  • Focus on people not technology
  • Brands don’t need a Facebook strategy
  • Successful campaigns go viral
  • Wisdom of the crowds
  • Listen first

Take them at face value if you’d like…and add any additional insights in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. Not sure if these fit the bill:

    Conversation not control
    Don’t try to go viral, just be awesome & passionate
    Your brand is the promise you keep not the promise you make
    Provide something of value

  2. “Customers are in control”
    The Era of Choice is not just about the end of the broadcast era, it is about all kinds of content, especially social media.

    “Brands don’t need a Facebook strategy”
    Don’t oversimplify comprehensive branding efforts or a social media strategy may be blamed when ROI feels fuzzy.

    “Focus on people not technology”
    Technology is great but the mass adoption of technology is about changing shared values and that is what really matters.

  3. Some random thoughts…

    You need both a link and like strategy
    An extension of fail fast – be prepared to fail (and learn)
    Social media isn’t a silver bullet
    Plan to measure
    Irrespective of your business function, your audiences are likely to be influenced by social media channels
    Social media is a long term play (not a 13 week marketing campaign)
    Social media happens in real time – be ready to take advantage / respond
    Your content can be great – release the brand journalists
    Resource with an eye on the future
    Process and practice make perfect

  4. Stealing wholesale from O’Reilly here:
    Fail Forward Fast
    Create more value than you capture

    Then these few that I live by:
    Reputation Beats Brand
    Listening Beats Talking
    Relationships Beat Transactions

    On the Social Web there are no experts – only experiments. The fastest learner wins.

  5. “viral” is an outcome, not a strategy.
    your chances of going viral rival those of getting struck by lightning …while you’re being eaten by a dinosaur.
    people don’t scale.

  6. Content strategy – continually make your reader smarter; not just smarter about you, but smarter about things they care about that you know about. They will come back for more.
    Viral means standing on the mound in a packed stadium. Have a plan for what to do if lightning strikes and you have that much attention for 10 minutes. How will you capture value from that moment.

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