Making Social Business Strategy Work

This article published a few weeks ago over on the American Management Association’s web site. I didn’t realize it until now, hence the late pointer. Making Social Business Strategy Work is a perspective on social business design, considering how the changing nature of work, a shift to cultures of public sharing, and evolution of personal technology create emerging market opportunities. Capturing value requires attention to connections, culture, communications, and content.

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  1. Good piece. It made me think about how the overlap of workplace and home life/public and private extends into how companies communicate. Employees can set up accounts on different social media or other sites that bridge both personal and professional personas – making message and brand consistency more challenging.

    To be sure, the overlap of professional and personal in the connected world can add an extra layer of authenticity to your messaging. It can help brands reach a wider, richer network of users.

    But in building integrated social business strategies, companies need to emphasize the importance of internal controls, standards and practices to help employees maintain clear boundaries and avoid conflicting agendas.

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