Will they really eat anything?

If you work in an office, you know the rules about food left in common areas. If it doesn’t have a note attached saying “don’t eat this,” then it’s fair game. Good stuff will be gone in seconds.

There was one time when I was working in my company’s Chicago office, in the Loop. I went to lunch at Popeye’s Chicken with a colleague who was craving spicy chicken. So we ordered a family meal, 20 pieces I think; but had 7 or 8 left over. I thought there was no way people would eat fried chicken left in the break room.

I was wrong.

Since then, I’ve never been amazed to witness disappearing acts involving pizza, sushi, halloween candy, and holiday gift baskets. But I might have finally discovered the one type of food that office dwellers won’t eat:


I was in the office on Sunday morning and went to make some coffee and there was a lonely pint of hot and sour soup still sitting on the counter. It might have been the timing of the offer, but that’s never been an issue before.

Does any other food item fall into the category of unscavengable? Or will co-workers really eat anything?

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  1. I bet people are keying in on the branding more than the actual food. It’d be interesting to see how long that hot & sour soup would last if it were stored in wendy’s soup cup.

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