A mute point?

It’s exciting to hear the term “social business” being used more and more frequently by businesses and thought leaders.

Dachis Group’s definition – current trends in technology, work, and society offer opportunities to affect business culture, process, and systems driving improved and emergent outcomes.

Have you ever played the telephone game? The game starts with someone whispering a phrase to an adjacent person and the message gets repeated until the final person, who states it again and the message is often altered, usually to comic effect.

I know that it’s impossible for our original definition to maintain its fidelity as more people with more motivations adopt the term. But I think the original definition matters.

Otherwise, for all intensive purposes we can take multiple definitions for granite, making any debate like this a mute point. Know what I mean?

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  1. “No, a moo point. Yeah, it’s like a cow’s opinion. It just doesn’t matter. It’s moo.” -Joey Tribbiani

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