Blog post recycling

I’m going to start recycling some old blog posts.


Part of the reason is that Dachis Group has defined the concept of social business and by design, there’s little if any room (or need) to discuss what’s NOT included. Thus, over the past three years, almost all of my thinking and writing here has been in support of the social business design concept.

But things have changed over that time period and some of the ideas we (meaning you and I) explored in the past are worth revisiting and revising for how the world works today. There’s more of everything surrounding social business: participants, money, data, brands, consultants, conferences, jobs, tools…and so on. That’s why my recent SXSW session focused on how things have changed – because operating on principles of the past is like trying to use Twitter to send voicemail.

And as crazy as that last phrase sounds, by the end of 2011 a startup may have gotten millions in funding for that idea. The audio version of Color. Sound.

I may be breaking some of the old rules of blogging – but that’s okay, I used to lead those workshops and it’s about time we rewrote some of those early rules. Like using strikethroughs instead of replacing. (Just replace the mistakes when you find them.) Or not using fictional characters to blog. (These days, fake people are often more interesting than the real ones.)

There was one point in my career at Forrester where a colleague mentioned a best kept secret of star analysts. I was told that tapping into research over two years old often yielded great documents that could essentially be updated for the contemporary operating environment. So now, I’ll finally employ that advice and recycle my own content.

One last reason why I think this idea makes sense is the nature of social media today – with the rise of Twitter, content perishes much quicker across all media and reader attention spans are shorter than ever. While I’m pretty familiar with what I’ve written, I wouldn’t presume that anyone else has that same level of depth and there’s a lot that I feel is worth sharing again.

Going forward, you’ll see new content mixed in with old/updated stuff and I hope you find it all useful. Or not. Either way, you’re welcome to let me know.

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