Three years of social business design

Three years ago today, Austin Ventures announced that it would back Jeff Dachis in creating a new company.

Here’s what Dachis Group believed in from the very beginning:

“I believe there is enormous opportunity in helping companies devise and implement a strategy to engage their constituents in a meaningful dialog throughout the enterprise. As companies begin to see the benefits of utilizing “social” technology to engage their customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and communities in an active and transparent dialog, they will need a trusted partner to help them navigate the opportunities, and an integrated set of scalable, robust, and secure enterprise class tools to implement them. We are here to provide both expertise and implementation,” said Jeffrey Dachis.

These concepts are better known as social business design. Dachis Group introduced the term “social business” into mainstream discussion in January 2009.

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Today, Dachis Group is the world’s leading social business consultancy. We have over 200 professionals in ten cities across five countries, delivering business strategy, consumer and workforce engagement solutions, and analytics and data-based intelligence. Across the firm, we have completed hundreds of engagements, from corporate strategies to processes redesigned to over 300 Facebook applications launched.

Over the past three years, I’ve enjoyed working with forward-leaning strategists, marketers, and technologists to help make businesses more social. I look forward to collaborating as we continue to make our original vision a reality.

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