IBM’s Social Business Jam

Earlier this year, I participated in IBM’s Social Business Jam. Rawn Shah invited me to participate and I was happy to oblige, as IBM and Dachis Group see eye-to-eye on the holistic nature and massive potential of social business becoming a reality.

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The IBM Social Business Jam brought more than 2,700 people from 80 countries together over 72 hours to participate in facilitated discussions around:

  • Building the social business of the future
  • Developing participatory organizations through social adoption
  • Using social media to understand and engage with customers
  • Determining what social means for IT
  • Identifying risks and establishing governanc

Thankfully, IBM has also created a concise summary document of the Jam’s 2,600+ discussion posts. Some of the insights contained therein that you might find useful:

  • Seven areas for social media measurement
  • Organizational roles for IT and HR
  • Lots of thinking around the people issues in social business

Maybe this was a biased sample, but there was agreement that social business is real and inevitable. You can download the full report here.

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