20 GOTO 10, RUN

  • AXP: “OK. I’ll give you a moment to find your card.”
  • Me: [I’m at the office and my card is at home. Yes, I left home without it.]
  • Me: “Representative.”
  • AXP: “I understand you’d like to speak to a representative. If you’d like to report a lost or stolen card…”
  • This happened a few times. The second time I was wondering if I had missed something. The third time I was laughing about it. In the end, I got to where I needed to go by choosing option one.

    (regarding the title, try this if you’d like to program a bit of BASIC)

    Screen shot 2011-08-23 at 10.09.20 AM



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    1. Looks like you could have used http://gethuman.com/ (*non*-affiliate link). I sympathize – I was on hold with US Airways yesterday for 10 min before I hung up and remembered I bookmarked this site. Got to a human very fast. I know that’s not the overall point of your post, but if you and your readers can benefit from this life saver, then great!

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