Seven trends for a lucky ’13

No. 13

“Dans les champs de l’observation le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés.”
– Louis Pasteur, 1854

Although end-of-year trend forecasting pieces can be fun, they’re usually not incredibly useful. However, I’ve been thinking about seven hot industry topics that deserve deeper attention. As the saying get paraphrased, chance favors the prepared mind; exploring these will set you up for success in the year ahead:

  1. Mobile. Think about why it matters and how it works.
  2. Big data. Start by learning about it and collecting it. Then do something with it.
  3. Social commerce. Focus on the bottom of the funnel and the future of payments.
  4. Social TV. Ever Shazam a 30″ spot? Focus on audience behavior instead.
  5. Gamification. It’s not dead but you need to understand motivation to make it work.
  6. Apps. Apple and Google are each approaching 1,000,000 apps. Where does yours fit?
  7. Functional integration

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