Twelve ideas from 2012

I’m not writing as much here as I used to, but here are twelve posts from the past year that I enjoyed working on. 

1/11 :: 101 Examples of Social Business ROI

2/2 :: Is social media free?

3/29 :: What Matters In Social Business?

4/6 :: Be curious, not furious

5/1 :: Sharing Social Business By Design #SBBD

6/5 :: sCRM: Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before

7/5 :: Own the experience, own the future

8/6 :: I’m a free agent

9/10 :: What’s next for business and why I joined @RGA

10/9 :: The Social Businesspeople Archetypes

11/13 :: The illusion of individual vs. institutional control

12/4 :: Seven trends for a lucky ’13

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