Double job switch…what does it mean? @maggiefox @jowyang

I had two emails in my inbox yesterday morning, both from big names in the social business space. Different people, same message — moving on to new job opportunities:

  1. Maggie Fox was leaving Social Media Group to join SAP.
  2. Jeremiah Owyang was leaving Altimeter Group to start his own firm, Crowd Companies.

I sat for a moment and thought as my coffee cooled off, “double job switch…what does it mean?” A couple months ago Rawn Shah wrote a blog post cataloging 30 personnel moves in the social business space. Does this all signal some seismic shift in the social business world?

In short, no. People change jobs all the time.

What it means, borrowing from Maggie’s post, is that there’s a group of social media old-timers who are continuing to explore industry evolution as it branches out in many different directions.

Best wishes to Jeremiah and Maggie on your new directions!



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