Do your friends see your posts?



Probably not.

If posting on social media sometimes feels like shouting into a bottomless pit, that’s because it pretty much is the same thing these days. Only people who happen to be close by might hear you.

I was hosting a tweetchat and a friend of mine posted that she was not seeing my updates.

Now this might have been because we were following a hashtag receiving enormous volume at the time. But Susan and I follow each other on Twitter, so she should have been seeing everything in her native stream.

Then I thought of this data on LinkedIn:


LinkedIn message propagation


Although I have over 1,000 direct connections, only a small percentage of my extended network saw this update.

Facebook provided statistics on reach and visibility last year, letting brands know that organic newsfeed posts only reach an average of 16% of fans. This is why Guy Kawasaki posts the same content four times on Twitter.

Most individuals want to maximize reach and minimize frequency; after all, your friends will get sick of seeing your selfie four times in the same day. You may not care. That’s a different issue.



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